Curry and Politics

Plan for today: eat too much breakfast. Okay, that wasn’t in the plan, but was predictable, even inevitable, given how well last night’s pork curry came out, and I even had rice cooked already, so, you know, that’s how it goes.

New plan: Go change into exercise clothes, take laptop down to treadmill, finish coffee and an episode of Grey’s, then switch to writing for an hour. Set treadmill down to 2.0, a comfortable walking / writing speed. I used to do this a lot last year, but have gotten out of the habit, but if I’m going to be writing more (and sitting more), I need to do more of this again. Not all writing can happen in the magic shed. (No, I don’t want to move my treadmill to the shed. The shed would be appalled.)

At 10:45, run Kavi to her soccer game. If I’m feeling like I need a break, watch the game and chat with parents, otherwise, sit in car and write some more. Deadlines are unforgiving (although I have already written my editor and requested an extension to tomorrow, sigh).

Game should be done by 12:30, bring her home, have a modest lunch to hopefully balance out the massive breakfast. I hear salads are nice. Write for another hour.

2 p.m. – take a break, go to VOICE political meeting, see what they’re about. They’re looking for candidates to endorse in the next election, and while I’m not running in the next round, I’d like to see who’s involved with this group and what they stand for; that hasn’t been clear to me yet.

rest of day: write write write

(There is nowhere in the schedule for dealing with the sink of dirty dishes, but look at me, blithely ignoring that. Hush, voice-of-domestic-requirements. You must be subordinated to writing today.)

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