Done and Onwards

Okay. I woke up early and finished drafting that Wild Cards story, sent it off to George. Now I have done all the baking I had planned for this week (mango-ginger shortbread and passionfruit rose cake) — anything that doesn’t get sold in the flash sale will be frozen for a party date to come (there are always parties coming, esp. as we head into political fundraiser season — I think I am helping to organize three of them now).
I appear to have caught a cold, sadly, probably when I took Anand to the Y to swim yesterday afternoon. SIGH. This congested head I didn’t need. On the other hand, Anand had SUCH a great time at the pool, managing to swim all the way from the deep end to the shallow end on his back (making mommy much less anxious about him in there). He was excited enough that he had trouble sleeping. When Anand took a bath before bed, he was out very quickly: “You have to admit, Mommy, it’s hard for any bath to be as exciting as today’s achievement!” Yes, yes, I will admit that.
I am just tired. I should turn right around and start work on another Wild Cards story, but I am hoping Melinda and my other co-writers will forgive me if I take a few hours to just sort of collapse here on this couch. I will drink tea and fortify myself. I have a phone call to make to get my ADD results, and a therapy appt. @ 1, and a fundraiser organizing phone call at 2:30.
Aside from that, I think I may just rest and down some cold medicine and finish catching up on Supergirl the rest of the afternoon, let Christopher pack up the sweets and mail them, and pick up the kids from camp. If I rally, maybe I’ll be able to get back to the other WC story this evening — if not, tomorrow morning, first thing, I promise.

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