Long Summer Days

Morning spent mostly alternately writing and making soap. Afternoon, took Kavi in for her before-middle-school doctor appointment, which included three vaccinations: DTAP, meningococcal, and HPV. I feel so much better knowing my baby is safer from those diseases, and that we’re contributing to herd immunity.
That said, they were a little sting-y, and Kavi was briefly sad (like, for 2 minutes), so clearly we needed to reward ourselves for our ordeal with a treat — we went for a walk in downtown Oak Park in late afternoon, where they’re having a Parisian street fest.
We split a late lunch of farmhouse salad, chicken and mushroom soup, and chocolate croissant at Léa, wandered through the art stalls, picked up a freshly-made cinnamon-sugar beignet (she’d never had one before! how could we resist?), and then I found a cute flowered raincoat and a WorldCon party dress, plus a pink off-the-shoulder sweater for her on the clearance racks at 16 Suitcases. Score! Wandering around shopping with my daughter is ridiculously fun. I should do it more often.
While walking, I ran into a local constituent who went out of her way to thank me for some specific things I’ve done on the library board (aw…), and after I got home, I got a FB message reminding me that I’d agreed to meet someone else to give them political advice about running for office — so I jumped in the car, headed over to Eastgate Cafe, and poured out everything I could reasonably transfer in an hour over a glass of wine, and then some.
I think everyone who wants to run should get to run, and should be helped through the sometimes obscure process. Theresa Mah and Matt Fruth in particular were huge helps to me when I decided to run, and I intend to pay it forward.
A good, full day. Not quite over yet, either — I’m on deadline for Wild Cards, so I’m going to grab a little dinner (Kevin cooked while I was out) and then head out to the shed to write another scene…

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