So far, I think going to the shed + turning off FB for 12 hours the night before has been the most productive option I’ve found for actually getting hours of daily writing done. This morning, got up, got Kavi to music camp (Anand’s taking the week off from camp, and luxuriating in electronics), headed to shed, and worked on Wild Cards story for a few hours.

Then FB came back on, a little political work, now lunch break and dealing with some overdue finances for the two arts orgs. Afternoon of laundry, unpacking, making dinner, maybe a little crafting (rose soap!), and then turn off FB for a few more hours of writing this evening. I’m waiting on a clarifying response from George before I write the next bit, and also, I tend to have a writing-energy-dip in the afternoon. So I’m trying to embrace that and fill that time with other things, let the well refill and my fingers rest.

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