Poppy Mallow

After finishing the novella yesterday morning, I planted a bunch of perennials and then basically collapsed for the rest of the day. Writing through the weekend tired me more than I’d realized.

I really do need to get back to Wild Cards today (esp. since the holiday tomorrow is probably going to mean no writing — marching in the parade as an elected official and then hosting a BBQ in classic American tradition). But I may need to work up to the writing.

Reading galleys for Survivor now and sending authors proofing questions (Brooke and Erik, check your e-mails, please), also need to do a solid pass or two on my own e-mail, which I’ve gotten woefully behind on the last few weeks. Again. And then @ 1, hopefully talking to Kay about the SLF fund drive, which reminds me that among my tasks is talking to the Kickstarter Drip people about some issues we’re having with their system.

Okay, yesterday was fun (I watched much Project Runway), but today, head down, back to work. If I make good progress, maybe I’ll reward myself with an hour of playing with soap-making this afternoon. Oh, and I’m going to teach Kat how to play Magic, see if she likes it.

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