Woke up at 6-ish, made coffee and breakfast and came to the shed. Alternated writing and weeding until it’s gotten too hot for both; my brain is feeling fried, so I’m going into the nice air-conditioning again now, which was recently repaired by this local furnace repair company my friend runs (shoutout to you!) But I’m up to about 35K words, and I think either this evening or tomorrow (probably tomorrow), I’m going to finish the draft of the novella. And honestly, I think it’s a pretty damn good draft.
I’m not positive of the ending (that is not yet written), but the vast majority of the 35K words so far, I really like. (Avoiding sidetrack into various words I’m particularly fond of, like scintillate, that aren’t actually in this story.)
Time to start researching novella markets soon. Tor.com, probably. I don’t think Subterranean is open to over-the-transom subs. Not sure who else is publishing novellas; something to research more.

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