Survivor Galleys

Survivor galleys are finally here — a SF/F anthology full of stories of survival, which seems almost shockingly apropos for this moment.
Two summers ago, I spent a solid summer month reading submissions for this anthology, and I admit, there was a day when all of my family was at the beach and I was reading subs on my laptop, a day when I was not at all sure why I’d signed up for this gig. It sounded like fun when JJ Pionke and I first came up with the idea. It sounded like it might be worthwhile, might matter to people.
Open calls are challenging, because you just get so many stories to look through, and I tend to actually read them all, though I admit, my reading gets closer to skimming if I’m not in love with the story by halfway through. Open calls are a big time commitment.
But it felt important to do an open call for this book, and in the end, I love the stories that made their way in. Tomorrow, I will take the galley with me when I take the children to the beach, and then I will send my comments to Lethe Press, and very very soon, it will be ready for you to read.
Also, I adore this cover. 

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