Internet management

Internet management: It’s ridiculous that I need this much help with my FB willpower, but apparently I do, so just to document:

– I now use Focus to set a default weekday schedule of only allowing me FB access on my laptop (main device) from 9 – 11 a.m.

– I also use SelfControl to set a hard-mode blocking of FB for approximately that same time period. SelfControl doesn’t have scheduling functionality, or I’d just do that, but Focus doesn’t have hard-mode functionality, so I have to use both. If anyone knows of an Mac app that does both, let me know, please.

– I also use Google WiFi to turn off the entire internet at the router, but I’m still futzing with that schedule, plus I have the app to control it on my phone, and so tend to turn it off whenever the whim strikes me, so it’s not sufficient on its own. May have to take the app off at some point and go back to asking Kevin to turn it on for me when desired (added disincentive of having to bother him), but will see how summer schedule goes first.

– right now, both phone and desktop machine are unrestricted re: FB access. I don’t tend to use them nearly as much, so they’re working okay as a ‘brief check-in’ without ‘losing hours of productivity’ sort of thing. YMMV! If they start being a problem, will install blockers on them too.

I love you FB, and I can’t quit you, but you and I, we need some serious boundaries.

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