Just a really nice day. I didn’t do anything. JJ was crashing here after a wedding in town, and when they asked me this morning what I had planned for the day and I said nothing, they started laughing because they didn’t believe it. But really, for the first time in months, I had *nothing* on the schedule.

So I lounged around in the morning, chatting with JJ and putzing on the internet. Then Kevin and I netted the peach tree, which was satisfying. I put away some laundry.

Around 2, we walked over to the Y, signed up Kev and the kids for memberships, and then the four of us played racquetball very badly. Kevin went home and I went swimming with the kids.

Came back, decided to finally go see Avengers: Infinity War this evening. Stopped at Nando’s for dinner. Stopped for ice cream on the way home. Had an amiable and extended discussion about perseveration (which Anand has learned to call ‘rock brain’ at school, love it!) on the way home, which was both hilarious and interesting. My kids are so sweet and funny and Kevin is no slouch either.

It was pretty much a perfect start-of-summer Sunday. Back to work tomorrow, with the summer writing schedule. Feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy. We should do this more often.

(Also, Infinity War! Whoa, that ending. There may be spoilers in comments — it’s been long enough, right?)

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