Writing Shed

Writing shed. Eep. It will be tiny and free of distractions. So far:

– measured out space and stuck poles in the ground with string around it to get a sense of it
– found free shed plans on internet and sent to contractors
– went to Re-Use Depot and found some old windows and French doors (cheaper, adds character, recycling is good)
– trench dug in yard for conduit for electric and possible heat to be added later if I end up wanting to actual trek across a snowy yard to use this in winter
– four holes dug and cement filled for footings
– framing built for flooring, groundcloth laid down to block weeds, covered in gravel — contractors pointed out that I could hide things in the base if I wanted. When I said that it wasn’t enough room to bury the bodies, they said, “We have a Sawzall.”
– trench filled in (nobody fell in, yay!)

More soon!


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