Flash sale

Flash Valentine’s Sale! This is all the copies of my first book that I own (except for two I’ve saved for the kids to have when they’re much, much bigger). It’s erotica, a mix of stories and poems (and photography by Tracy Lee), and I wrote them when I was very young. I’m a little afraid to go back to read them now, because college me was very different from current me, but on the other hand, college me is still in there somewhere, as I’m realizing as I try to write a YA novel set in college.

ANYWAY, the point is, I think there are 42 copies of _Torn Shapes of Desire_ sitting in my basement, and I would like there to be fewer of them. Amazon is selling new copies for $19.95, and used copies for $4.95 — there’s also an audiobook edition there.

But what I would love to do is sell you a signed, new edition, accompanied by a handmade romantic bookmark, and if you’d like I’m happy to throw in a little digital card that you could give to your sweetie today if this is a gift (since the book won’t arrive for a few days), for the fabulous price of $10 + shipping. For $20 + shipping, I’ll include a nice selection of Sri Lankan milk toffee and chai-spiced truffles. What a deal! This offer available today only, or until 10 p.m. CST (when I go to bed). I promise to turn every book sold into flowers for my garden.

I need to go teach, so I don’t have time to set up a PayPal order form yet, but I can do that after classes. In the meantime, please e-mail mohanraj@mamohanraj.com with the subject line VALENTINE to reserve your copy; I’ll take orders as they come in.

When they’re gone, they’re gone! The publisher is long out of business, and I don’t have any way of getting more copies. (I think there were 500 printed initially, but I can’t swear to that.)

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