Couch Buddies

I completed the first week of Zombies, Run, Couch-to-5K, and feel fine; I wasn’t quite as out of shape as I thought. Next week will likely be a bit harder. I definitely like the combination of story+my music; I’d be so bored otherwise.
I talked Kavi into trying it today, and she did the warm-up no problem. She’s been a bit of a sloth all winter, and isn’t very sporty generally, but she’s signed up for spring soccer, and Kavi agrees that it’d be nice if she were in semi-decent shape when it started. We’ll see if she sticks with it!
I’m sort of thinking that I can pause for a week while she catches up, and then we can do it together. Both with our headphones on, but still, it’d be fun to go to the gym with her.

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