Zombies in Tights

Well, that was a bit awkward.

See, I started the Zombies, Run! Couch to 5K app today. I did the first session on the way to work — 22 minutes, which was just about exactly how much time I walk if you add up before and after the train portion. That went perfectly, so I thought hey, I’ll do the next session on the way home.

Well, the next session turns out to involve a little actual running. Just very light 15-second jogs, in between minute walks, and under normal circumstances, that would be no trouble for me.

But I had dressed for work, not for running. Which meant I was wearing a cute little sheath dress, cardigan, puffy coat — all of that was basically fine. But I was also wearing tights and tall boots. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to jog in boots, but that didn’t turn out to be a problem. I mean, they’re not ideal for actually running, but for 15 seconds of a jog, they were fine.

But the tights. Oh, the tights. It turns out that if you, or at least me, try to run in a dress and tights, the tights will inevitably start to creep in a downwards direction. Quite quickly, actually. Whoops!

I managed to, um, reassemble myself reasonably well, under cover of darkness (hooray for early winter sunsets, I guess). But it could’ve been bad. And it definitely put a crimp into my jog-walk plan for the rest of the trip home.

The lesson, going forward, is that Zombies, Run is probably not the best accompaniment to my train commute; I should probably stick to podcasts or Pokemon for that, something walk-suited. And do any jogging / running separately, in clothing that will not literally fall off me in the process.

Here endeth the lesson.

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