I’d like to take a moment to thank my patrons. I just got my year-end statement: 2017 Net Earnings: $1,723.69.
That’s about four short stories’ worth of pro-level payment, looked at one way, and attendance at 3-4 conventions, or a new laptop, or quite a few hours of Chris’s assistance, looked at another. In other words, y’all make it a lot easier for me to do what I most want to do — write! So thank you.
In 2018, the main things I’m adding to Patreon so far are the mainstream novel draft and the memoir draft that I’ll be releasing. The cookbook club continues, since apparently I am not close to done developing recipes, even if the draft of the second book is done. And there are reprints of short stories and poems, along with the occasional textile or other art post. And in a month or so, the garden will kick into high gear again…
Hope you’re all getting good value out of the daily Patreon, and if there’s anything else you’re particularly looking to see, do let me know!

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