Have you made changes in the New Year that a) you like, b) seem to be sticking? Mine are mostly app-related. :-).
I am really liking:
– starting the day with Headspace for meditation (just 3 minutes at a time so far)
– using Habitica throughout the day to keep me focused on exercise, diet, and to-do list items (I’m now a level 5 warrior with a pet wolf!)
– ending the day with Yogaglo (doing the yoga with Kavi so far, though I’m hoping Kev and Anand will join us sometimes).
Also reading more. Lots more; trying to average a book every 2 days or so. It’s not the heyday of my childhood summers, when I would read 3-4 books a day, but I do have things to do other than lie in bed and read. Sadly!
The router being off on my main computer continues to be useful for that, and for getting other work done. Today I’m experimenting with leaving the secondary computer with net access — that may be too tempting, though; we’ll see. I suspect I’ll need to use Self Control to turn off the net at least sometimes on the secondary computer too.

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