Moar words

Finally got through revision notes, and actually wrote new scene in novel. I’m not sure it’s any good, but I’m trying to embrace the ‘just get some words down’ philosophy.  1260 new words, and hoping to write another scene or two later today. We’ll see.
“When Jitender told his father that he loved the washerwoman’s daughter, his father had asked him to sleep on it, think it over. Jit agreed, had spent the night awake, thinking it through as seriously as he could. His father came to the bedroom door the next morning and said, “So?” Jit replied, “I’m sorry; I still love her, Appa.” His father slammed and barred the door, swearing that Jit wouldn’t eat until he recanted. Three hungry days later, Rithika managed to get a ladder to his window, and they ran away forever.”

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