Sigh. Content note for gross bodily fluids, continue at your own risk…

Kev sent me a note two days ago saying that Anand had vomited (all over our bed, apparently, which was surely not fun to deal with). Anand was feeling fine yesterday and today, but Jed and I got off the plane and arrived early this morning to find Kevin and Kavi both feeling off. And now, Kavi has just vomited as well, wailing quite pathetically, “Why do I have to get sick on Christmas??” Why indeed, kiddo. So sorry.

She’s gone back to bed now, though, and will hopefully sleep through the night and wake up feeling okay, fingers crossed. I have washed my hands compulsively with all the soap, after sending Kevin back to his sickbed, cleaning Kavi up and comforting her, and tucking her in. And Jed has heroically taken on the task of cleaning up the bathroom.

We’ll see how everyone feels tomorrow. We were supposed to have a few friends join us for Christmas dinner, and if we’re all feeling fine, I’m still fine with hosting, but I’ve sent them a note with the details, so they can decide for themselves whether to enter this house of plague. Now we mostly wait to see if Jed or I catch it.


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