Christmas Morning


Anand: Aaighhhh! Press every button and hope for the best!!!

Jed: That’s certainly one strategy.

Favorite ornaments from the tree. New: bunny going to a holiday masquerade (apparently animals dressed like people are one of the hot trends for this holiday season, and I am HERE FOR IT). Also new: steampunk happy holiday ship. The children’s favorites — Kavi adores her unicorn and Anand cannot stop playing with the soft tentacles of the jellyfish; I admit, it is very tactile-satisfying. My little collection of Narnia-ish ornaments; Mr. Tumnus, the Dawn Treader, and Aslan. A sea turtle from Hawaii.

I was impressed that Kavi figured out how to do the binding on this blank book she made for me from YouTube. She has so little hesitation about trying new things, and it’s mostly due to YouTube; fascinating. Per usual, having a few physical games in the mix is pretty key to Anand having a good Christmas. Board games for Kavi!


Charles was actually a present for Anand’s birthday, but is still going strong months later.  Good gift — thanks, Costco!  I felt a little ridiculous carrying the huge bear out of the store, but worth it.

What’s not obvious from these photos, is that Kavya is firmly directing the puzzling. Jed and Anand are her minions.

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