Views from my yoga mat. I did the yoga class (included with hotel registration) yesterday morning, and it was just terrific. After a yoga session, I feel calm and centered and my body feels good. It was a little difficult and confusing when I first started, but I’ve now done it enough times that it’s relatively easy to run through the basics, and is just pleasurable, like stretching. I would do yoga all the time if I could do it in these surroundings, rather than my rather dark basement.
But surroundings aside, I am thinking a lot about how I want to reconfigure my life in 2018. I am a big fan of New Year’s resolutions — in my experience, I make a bunch of big plans, and most of them don’t stick, but one or two do, and those make my life better.
I think I would be much happier overall if I started every day with a brief meditation, followed by at least a half hour of yoga. Realistically, given that I need to get the kids breakfast and off to school from 7 – 7:30, I either need to do that starting at 7:30, or get up earlier, so I can do it at 6.
I think either would work, actually, but 6 would be better for me; I quite like mornings, and I’d like to be heading into reading / writing time at 7:30. So the takeaway is that I need to start going to sleep by 10 p.m., to make this feasible. I should start practicing that part, at least, as soon as I get back. I’m not sure if jet lag will make it easier or harder; we’ll see.

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