Hey, it’s small business Saturday! I am going to meet a friend for tea at Serenitea, and then do some Christmas ornament shopping on my walk to the gym. If you have book-writing friends, I feel obligated to note that they are all running small businesses, and would very much appreciate books being purchased for yourself, as gifts, etc.

My newest book is Perennial, out from a small press; it’s a sweet little garden romance with some (non-depressing) cancer bits, illustrated by me! I’m just glancing over the proof copy today, which means orders should be ready to go out ASAP. (

I also have a dozen or so other books available through your local bookstores or favorite online retailers. Bodies in Motion, immigrant short stories, is probably still my favorite of those, if you’re not sure where to start. The Stars Change is multiple-award-nominated science fiction.

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