Wine Bar

Yes, I’m now the mom trying to figure out when the new Target down the street is opening because my son almost couldn’t find pants this morning even though we did laundry all weekend (he ripped through at least three pairs last week). We found clean pants eventually, but I am seriously looking forward to being able to walk over to Target and I just want to know why Targets don’t have wine bars like Mariano’s because I am telling you, it would make it the hot new mom meet-up spot in downtown Oak Park. If they had a little drop-off play place for the littles like IKEA, they would make BANK.
On the one hand, I am amused that this is my life now. On the other hand, I was watching Kavi load the dishwasher after eating breakfast this morning, before heading out to the bus, and I thought, this is the happiest I have ever been, happier than book deals, happier than Disneyland. This is my best life.

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