World Fantasy Program

World Fantasy has asked if I could add another panel, and I said sure. This is my program now (November 3, San Antonio) — hope to see some of you there!

Gender Fluidity in Fantasy
Friday 10 a.m., ExecSalon 2 (Ardath Mayhar) (WR)

Our genre is in a unique position to illuminate rather than conceal the variations in our sense of gender. The Tiptree Award regularly honors stories and novels that explore and expand the idea of gender — an idea that has had a secret history all its own. What does this look like in fantasy? How are today’s authors using, or mis-using, this keystone concept?

Pat Murphy (M), Eugene Fischer, Karen Joy Fowler, Mary Anne Mohanraj


History — Secret, Hidden or Otherwise
Friday 4 p.m., ExecSalon 2 (Ardath Mayhar) (WR)

Secret history is a tale where what actually happened in our world happened for very different reasons. It can also be a hidden history of events that happened in another culture whose import was ignored altogether, covered up, or simply misunderstood in the main historical narratives. Can a secret history bring to light a true aspect of history that wasn’t known or acknowledged before, or might it be a simple retelling of acknowledged aspects of history newly reclaimed and fully fleshed out to see the real truth behind the chapter in a history book? Does this relate to our concept of “The Other,” and how? Our panelists continue to define terms and tropes for discussion during the convention. [This program is part of a series. We know there will be overlap, but please try to stay with the topics outlined here.]

Fran Wilde (M), J. L. Doty, John Crowley, Ian Drury, Mary Anne Mohanraj

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