Never leave town

Feeling a bit paralyzed with all there is to do after being out of town for four days. I have a mostly empty day today, but three days’ worth of things to fill it with.

Okay. Triage the situation. Other people will get the house clean today, so I don’t need to think about that. It’s bugging me, but I should shut my eyes or go out on the porch or something. Maybe take five minutes to straighten my desk so I can work in my office later, when it gets up to 95 degrees outside.

The main things I want to do this week are: really get through some of the e-mail backlog, set up 7 Patreon posts for the week (time-sensitive, should give to Chris today), finish editing the cookbook and send it to Lethe (time-sensitive), revise three stories (in-progress, and it’s bugging me), revise the first 20,000 words of the novel with minor edits (should be quick), draft new novel chapters. Put out autumn decor and plant bulbs in cutting garden and neaten front garden (hosting Garden Club board meeting here on Wed, so it’d be nice if it isn’t total chaos). Keep reading Clinton’s memoir and the three other books I have in progress right now. I have Mon / Wed / Fri mostly free to work on those — trying to reserve Tues / Thurs for teaching, prep, grading.

Plan for morning: Turn off Facebook until lunchtime. Take five minutes and make up assistant to-do list for today. Take five minutes and straighten desk. Get kids dressed and fed and off to school. Run the Email Game to process a hundred backlogged e-mails. At 10:30, go do volunteer work with Women’s Guild for Housing Forward, packing lunches. Come back and spend two hours on cookbook, then rest of day reading / writing. Okay.

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