Minutiae of the semester starting. Have made Blackboard classes accessible to students. Have sent welcome letter to students. Need to figure out what room my classes are in, add that to the syllabus, and then proof syllabi one more time and post them to Blackboard. Then print copies for first day, along with first day in-class materials. And upload readings for second day to Blackboard. I have my new folders, I have my new dry-erase markers.
Have to check that I actually have copies of all the books accessible I’ll be teaching from accessible — I’ve run into difficulties before with leaving a book I need on campus, or at home. Hoping to avoid that this year by having copies of all of them on Kindle and just keeping the Kindle with me at all times. I’m not sure I want to try to teach right out of it — the books I’ve taught before are marked up with my notes, and it’d be a bit of a pain to reproduce that. But maybe I should just switch to marking up electronic copies going forward. Any teachers who have tried teaching out of electronic copies who want to weigh in, please do.
All of this somewhat complicated by the fact that Anand has something wrong with his eyelid (it’s swollen), so in about fifteen minutes, when they open, I need to run him into his pediatrician and see if they can tell me what’s up. Sigh. (It doesn’t hurt him, thankfully, but I felt like I couldn’t just send him into school like this.)

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