Hopper batter made and set to fermenting for tomorrow. Working on finalizing syllabi for an hour, then hopefully an hour of writing, then make batter for inipu thosai (supposedly needs to sit for a few hours before cooking, though I’m planning to test that). Then getting dressed and heading into the city to do a radio interview with Niala Boodhoo for the 21st about Jaggery, which is launching its 10th issue (my last!) today.

On the way home, plan to stop at City Escape and look for fall annuals for the hanging baskets and planter (and crossing fingers, perennial asters); switching over a little early because my summer baskets were underwatered while I was traveling and got crispy.

Come home, make inipu thosai, and relax for a bit. At six, hosting a queer women’s potluck at the house, somewhat impromptu — it came out of someone posting on a local women’s list, a queer woman married to a man, looking for community. OPALGA is great, but does tend to trend more towards gay men at the moment; sometimes it’s nice to be in the company of queer women.

Should be a nice day.

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