Sunny California

Heading back to Chicago today, after eight days visiting Kevin’s family and our friends in the Bay Area. Pics below from lunch yesterday with Jed at Social Policy. I love the pretty crosswalks in downtown San Jose — are those supposed to be circuit boards? Cool.

Thanks to everyone who came out to board games at Jed’s on Saturday — I didn’t take any photos because I was so busy (and so happy) talking to you all. Great to catch up with Thida, Susan, Debbie, Dan, Nadya, Kam, Kevin, Cliff, Shannon, Alex, and oh, I’m forgetting some people, sorry, my mind is a rush of packing right now. Particularly great seeing all your gorgeous kids, who have gotten SO BIG. Some of them are taller than me already. I can’t even. And thanks to Jed for hosting!

Also great doing more board games with Alex and Jed yesterday (Fleet Command is fun, even though I lost both times — I did fight a valiant rear-guard action to the bitter end, though). It’s been a lovely trip, and we hope to come back soon.

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