With avocado

In California, visiting Kevin’s family for a week. We arrived yesterday and settled into his parents’ condo in San Jose, which has a pool that is 3.5 ft. deep the whole length, exceedingly delighting the children. They spent an hour in it last night, and then another hour and a half this morning. Kavi is sad that we are not going to get a pool of our very own — sorry, kid. Wish we could.

It’s beautiful here, per usual, and Kev and I talked a bit wistfully about how it’s a shame we didn’t find academic jobs in the area. Of course, even if we had, we’d only be able to afford a tiny little place, but this weather! Might be worth it. Maybe we’ll retire here. The kids were eating tomatoes from his dad’s garden off the counter and were amazed at how yummy they were to just bite into. Yup, those are what tomatoes are supposed to taste like, kids. We might get some ripe ones at the end of the summer in Chicago; we’ll see. Some years yes, some years no.

I’ve now driven Kev and the kids down to his sister’s place in Los Gatos, where they’ll play with the cousins, and have abandoned them to come work for a few hours. Jed’s going to come down and grab lunch with me before he goes to work. I’ve settled into Los Gatos Coffee Roasting with my chai, and am looking forward to a sandwich with lots of avocado. California is nice.

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