Was up in the middle of the night helping Kavi with a dramatic nosebleed — she gets them occasionally, poor kid. A little groggy and slow today as a result, and then I got into an argument with Anand this morning about politeness and family responsibilities, which we didn’t really have time to resolve properly before I had to drop them at camp, which is leaving me unsettled. Probably him too. Sigh.
We need to have that conversation, but I shouldn’t have gotten into it this morning; bad parenting choice. And now I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything, but I have a long to-do list. We’ll see if writing it down and checking things off helps. Going to be very granular. This is probably the next three days of work.
– empty the dishwasher and load the breakfast dishes
– straighten up office enough to use scanner properly
– scan in three documents that need to be e-mailed back to people
– be sure Kavi’s Camp Congress registration is all set up for tomorrow
– write up and post notes on Slack for novel world-building done in the last few days
– do last pass revision of “Safe” and submit
– revise “Skin Deep” and show to Slack group
– write learning language scene for novel
– write family collaborator scene for novel
– take out recycling
– put away laundry and do another load
– handwash sweater and try to get stains out of white dress
– make breakfast congee (I meant to make it for actual breakfast, but I suppose it will be fine or lunch) for cookbook
– implement Franki’s copyedits on cookbook
– deal with paperwork on island
– organize chaos in basement
– set up Wii Fit again and do some exercise
– finish reading Marriage of a Thousand Lies
– made kiri hodhi / pol sambol / stringhoppers for cookbook & dinner
– take family to local school musical, Wyrd Sisters

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