My agent read the first 12K words I’ve written of the new novel and kind of LOVES it. I don’t mind telling you, when I saw he’d written back, my heart skipped a noticeable beat, and I held my breath until I’d read the first few lines.
Now I just need to write another 70K or so…

World-building is next. I want the alien-occupied planet my human characters are on to be a little heavier gravity than Earth, and I want the weather in the city they’re in to be like England in the winter. Essentially a grey sludge that’s heavy and hard to move through.

Now I just need to figure out…oh, all the rest of the world. Eep. World-building is not my strength. I think I want around a Renaissance technology level (with plenty of ship travel), but I don’t want it to feel like England culturally.

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