Sri Lanka Trip

I have multiple friends in Sri Lanka right now, posting photos, and it’s VERY FRUSTRATING that I am not also there. I haven’t been since…2005? When Karina and I went together. Too long.

The anniversary party basically took all our extra money and then some, and I don’t regret it, but Kevin and the kids still haven’t been to Sri Lanka, and I think if I don’t prioritize that happening soon, I’m going to regret that.

We’ve been waiting in part because Anand doesn’t handle long plane flights all that well (ADHD makes it very hard for him to sit still that long), and even the California flight last year was a little torturous for the poor kid. But we’re going to do California again soon, so a little more acclimating for him, and then either next summer or next Christmas, I think the Sri Lanka trip is a family priority. Summer we could go for longer (two months as opposed to three weeks), but Christmas will have better weather.

Must start saving pennies — four airfares will not be cheap. It would be really nice if any of our friends also wanted to visit Sri Lanka when we’ll be there — it’d be fun to take people to go feed the baby elephants, try Ayurvedic massages in spice gardens, climb Sigiriya & Adam’s Peak, etc. (I have not yet climbed Sigiriya & Adam’s Peak myself, because I totally pooped out on the somewhat arduous climbs in 2005 with Karina, which I regret, but I am in much better shape now than I was then…)

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  1. Vishaka Nanayakkara

    Dear MaryAnne, I have been reading your blog/journal since mid 90s. Have almost diligently followed you, though not have tried to make a contact. I teach at a Sri Lankan University. While I come from a completely different background and teach Computer Sc, I admire you for all what you do. Would love to meet you when you are here next time.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I don’t think so — doing it as one long flight, at least he’ll sleep for a chunk of it.

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