Jaggery Step-Down

I am both delighted and saddened to note that I am formally stepping down as the editor-in-chief of Jaggery after this next issue, #10. It’s been a pleasure to shepherd Jaggery through the reboot of what was once DesiLit Magazine, and I look forward to where the new editor-in-chief takes it next. I’ll be staying on as Senior Consulting Editor for at least a year to help with the transition.
Also delighted to note the new Editor-in-Chief will be former Poetry Editor Anu Mahadev. I’ve stolen her bio from our website: Anu is a left brained software engineer- turned right brained creative poet! Originally from India, she is now based out of New Jersey, with her husband and son. She is a recent MFA graduate of Drew University and a prolific writer. Other words to describe her are dreamer, choir singer, social bee, book and movie addict, avid hiker, lifelong learner and traveler. She writes mostly about love, life and the ties that bind us.
Welcome, Anu. Onward!

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