Today’s mostly a taking-care-of-stuff day. Stopped at Home Depot this morning after dropping kids at camp, got various things to repair various things, summer hanging baskets to replace my poor pansies who have given up the ghost in the heat, stepping stones to add to the parkway garden, to make it easier for people who park there to get out in a few spots without worrying that they’re crushing plants.

Came home and had breakfast of leftover Ethiopian (thanks for lunch yesterday, Maria — it was too brief, but nonetheless awesome!). I have lot of injera left, so I think I may try to cook Ethiopian tonight; doro wat and shiro, perhaps? I bought shiro powder a while ago, but haven’t actually tried using it yet.

Going to deal with some e-mail (mostly getting things set up for the workshop next week), then go to the gym and lift with Justin, then more e-mail over lunch, then a swim lesson, then more e-mail, then pick up the kids, then garden for a few hours, putting in the stones and weeding.

The goal is to get through all the urgent e-mail and other household tasks, clearing the decks to spend all of tomorrow writing — more novel work, hopefully. (Jed, if you have a chance to look at what I sent you and talk this evening, that’d be helpful.) We’ll see.

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