Summer storms

Kids are off to camp, and I’ve sent an e-mail about scheduling Kavi’s swim classes. Am trying to resist the urge to clean and organize, because I should be dealing with writing and e-mail instead. Maybe if I leave my office (messy) and work on the front porch it will help; it’s supposed to thunderstorm but not for a few hours.
By that point, I’ll be running around anyway — I have a doctor’s appt. (periodic check-up with oncologist, which frankly feels like a waste of time since I feel completely fine and have nothing to talk to her about, but on the other hand, I do appreciate the ongoing heightened level of care, so I’ll let her squeeze my boobs and make sure she doesn’t notice anything problematic) and then I’m going to tour the new co-working space in Forest Park, Suite Spotte. I suspect it’s going to be more business-oriented than I really want, but more options for working are good. I think I’d have a hard time writing fiction in cubicles…
Work plan for today — revise XPrize story and send it to editor this morning, then either revise another story or do more work on the novel. We’ll see.

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