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Busy day. Powered through about a fifth of my backlogged e-mail (discovering in the process that I had missed one important thing, dangit). Put many to-do items in the calendar, scheduling time for them specifically, rather than putting them in an endless to-do list and optimistically hoping time will magically materialize. I am trying to get better about that, as I think it is the only way I can survive my increasingly busy life. Did a little garden puttering, including much watering (rain, damn you!).

Picked up kids from camp and listened to the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day they both happened to have today, poor babies. Kavi was quite bummed because they got rid of the yellow swim category, and she didn’t swim well enough for the green, so she’s confined to the wading side of the pool at camp (which they go to three days / week) and she is very not thrilled. We’re going to try to work with her to get her up to actually swimming well enough for green, but it may take most of the summer.

Anand…well, he had a sequence of behavior issues, essentially, that led to him getting yelled at a fair bit, some of which he felt was unfair, which aways makes him furious. The teachers at his school are pretty good with the ADHD accommodations — high school aged camp counsellors are not quite as prepared to handle that kind of thing. He had a fine day yesterday, so hopefully this was just a rough patch and the rest of camp (8 weeks total) will be better; we’ll see. I’m not sure how much to explain / intervene with the camp counsellors at this point, given that his behavior issues had mostly gone away in regular school this spring.

Then abandoned the kids to Kev for the rest of the day. Worked out with trainer at gym, stayed there to work, wrote a little fiction. Went to the OP Chamber of Commerce meeting that just happened to be occurring at my gym’s outdoor patio right outside where I was working — I felt slightly ridiculous in my sweaty workout gear, but everyone was welcoming and it was just fine, and in the process I met some people I had actually been planning to look up at some point, so cool. I should maybe go to more of these; they happen once a month.

Home again now, heading towards my bath and garden magazine.

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