GC meet-ups

I’m pleased to note that the OPRF garden club is going to add some casual meet-and-greets in the next year — six of them, hopefully. They’ll have loose themes, with perhaps a 15-minute presentation, but we’ll also be encouraging people to simply bring their garden questions, ideas, thoughts, or simple interest in meeting other gardeners. Light refreshments will be served, and they’ll probably mostly take place at the libraries.

I’ll be working on the schedule in the next week, so if you have preferences for dates (we’re aiming for evenings or weekends, in contrast with the regular Garden Club meetings, which are on Wednesdays @ noon), now is the time to say so.

Also, if you have ideas / requests for topics to cover, please suggest them here! I have some ideas, but totally willing to toss them for better suggestions. 🙂

June: “Is This a Weed or a Flower?” (At Mary Anne’s house.)

August: “Planning your spring bulb garden: crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and more.”

October: “Forcing paperwhites and amaryllises for winter indoor blooms.”

December: Holiday meet-up!

February: Topic?

April: “Planning dahlias for late autumn blooms.”

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