Plans, Big and Small

Made it to WisCon, woot. Had my usual once-yearly therapy session (slightly combined with mid-life crisis) with Ben, et. al. in the car on the drive up to Madison, and we have, I think, determined that I have no obligation to move to Chicago in order to set up for a run for higher office. At least not anytime soon. 🙂
For now, spend a summer intensively writing, spend a few years serving on the library board, think about starting an arts center (and maybe taking a leave of absence from UIC for a bit to do so if necessary, although I would *hate* to give up teaching entirely, so I’m going to try to avoid that).
Sounds like a plan. Glad we got that sorted.

2 thoughts on “Plans, Big and Small”

  1. Instead of starting an arts center, have you thought about joining an existing one? I know they were looking for more people to join the board at Oak Park Art League? Congrats on your election to the library board btw 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    OPAL is great (and I’ve talked to them about this idea already), but they’re very different from what I’d hope to do — Oak Park really doesn’t have anything like what I’m working on.

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