Starting summer

Okay, taking a break from photos and napping (was TIRED) to go have lunch with Jed and then sit in a cafe and try to power through a few hours of backlogged e-mail.
The next three days are for getting the house back in order, figuring out what I’ll be selling at the art show at WisCon (I just have a quarter table, because I wasn’t sure I was going, so didn’t reserve space in advance) and getting it ready, and dealing with e-mail, aiming for Inbox 0, which is going to take some serious work. It will ease my mind if I manage it, though.
This evening, I’m also going to see Ameya Pawar speak at L!ve Cafe (gubernatorial candidate for IL), and tomorrow evening I’ll be invested onto the library board and attend my first trustee board meeting. Thurs – Mon will be WisCon, and then I come home, probably collapse for a day, and then dive headfirst into a summer of novel writing.
That’s the plan, and it’s a good plan. We’ll see if I stick to it.

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