Hither and yon

Okay, ran Kevin up to his topology one-day conference at Northwestern which was in theory a favor for him (spouse points!), but in actuality an excuse to do my spring planter shopping at Gethsemane in the city (garden points!). Home now, going to buy lunch for a political staffer who really impressed me in a DFA meeting; I’m hoping to pick his brain a little about how I can best lend my energies to help the Democrats going forward.

Then home, where my main priority will be setting up the registration page for my upcoming June 30 – July 2 writing workshop. Shouldn’t take more than an hour or so, so look for that by mid-afternoon, if all goes well. I’m going to hold it to twenty-five slots, and ten are already spoken for, so I’m expecting it to fill up pretty quickly.

After that, I may try some fabric dying. I have a little project I want to work on, though am a bit anxious that I end up covering everything in the laundry room in pink. We’ll see. Dharma Trading Co. has pretty detailed instructions on their website, including for a front loader, which is what I’m hoping to use, although they admit, they don’t use one themselves. Eep.

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