I have gotten kind of terrible at relaxing in the last several years, which will no doubt be amusing to people who knew me in high school and college and even for a few years thereafter, where I lounged about a great deal. Now, my personality has shifted enough that I get antsy if I sit for ten minutes without doing something.
But I actually can recognize that I need to rest, so I have prescribed myself a nice dinner (rare roast lamb and new potatoes with buttery onions and garlic, accompanied by a light green salad and a crescent roll). And now, replete, have followed that up with lounging on the porch with a glass of red wine, the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and a copy of Martha Stewart Living. I can always read about Martha doing things, if I get too twitchy. Or just enjoy the pretty pink blossoms on the redbud tree in its full springtime glory.

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