Yard signs

I am having a weird moment about candidate yard signs. I’m about to print mine, which is great, and I hope some people will be willing to put them in their yards (and if you are, and could let me know, that would be super-helpful in my figuring out how many to print)…but I find myself oddly reluctant to put one in my own yard, or one for any other candidate, and it is purely an aesthetic issue — the snowdrops are blooming, all my favorite little spring ephemerals are about to come up, it’s shortly going to be the prettiest time in my garden, and I don’t really want to clutter it up with a bunch of candidate yard signs.
I feel like there’s some sort of metaphor lurking there about the necessity for politics and getting your hands dirty, maybe with a bit about all those people who insist on keeping their Facebook wall only for pictures of flowers and puppies, as if they didn’t look at the ugly stuff that would make it not exist…
…fine, fine, I’ll put up the candidate yard signs.

At least the election is April 4, so they’ll only be there for a month. There are limits to how much a gardener’s soul can take!

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  1. I agree that sometimes yard signs don’t always match your garden perfectly. But I think that they add character to your house! People will be able to know more about who you are, what you stand for, and even the fact that you have the courage to stand for something.

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