Politics, potluck, and postcards

Standing room only at this month’s Democratic Party of Oak Park meeting — you can’t see me, but I’m standing way in the back. They’re going to need to get a bigger room…

Protest postcards, including a few designed by a local mom.

Postcards and board games go great together.  Nara Nayar is a postcard-writing machine! Thanks to James Parran for bringing Splendor — it was fun!


I planned to start canvassing today, but I am TOO tired. Have reset plans — going to spend the morning making Valentine’s cookies and cards with the kids, including a set that we’re passing along to a Syrian refugee family that just made it into the U.S. (thanks to a Lincoln Park moms’ group organizing to bring them here). Other than that, finish knitting my niece’s sweater, put out some Valentine’s decor, and take the kids to their sex ed classes. Watch tv and deal with a little e-mail. The campaign can wait a little; I want to start canvassing in a positive, high-energy mood. Tuesday, I think!

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