Meet / greet

So many thanks to Julie Nilson Chyna for hosting my first in-home candidate meet-and-greet! She put together a book swap (books + wine = lots of interest!), and about forty people showed up, mostly Irving and Julian moms. It took me a little time to get used to just introducing myself to strangers, “yes, I’m the candidate,” but everyone was so nice and welcoming, and I ended up having some great conversations with her friends — even a few about the library! But mostly, it was just a nice party. 🙂
Interestingly, lots of people said they’d vote for me, even without hearing anything about my positions — if Julie was willing to vouch for me, that seemed like enough for them. I think people mostly just want to know their local candidates seems like a reasonable, nice person that they can talk to. Well, unless you’re running for school board — that’s where the stakes get really high!

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