For all the people wondering what they can do — last night’s Planned Parenthood fundraiser was organized in a few weeks by a local mom (and my former student), Pem Hessing. She’s got two little ones, which is a time in your life when your brain is basically being smothered by their intense needs, but nonetheless, she managed to put together an event that raised over $17,000 for PP.

She found someone willing to host in their house and got a group of other moms on board to help organize the event. They went into the community and got a ton of prizes for a silent auction (I won some exercise classes and theatre tickets!). They found speakers from PP, two adorable high school students to sing a protest song, musicians to play, dancers to perform, and local restaurants to donate food and drinks. There was even a raffle to win a gourmet apple pie from local business Spilt Milk.

Huge kudos to all the organizers for putting on such a terrific event!

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