Plans! (An exclamation point makes them sound more fun.)

Plan for this morning — write up a post about donations in this first few days, also write up final summary of March experience, look into pitching something to Oak Leaves or Wednesday Journal, start some laundry. At 9, Franki shows up, and we’re going to work on sending thank-you notes to donors; I need to figure out how to get her access to my CrowdPac account, and also make sure I know how to transfer funds to my bank account. At 10:30, I head off to Loyola Radiology for a 18-month follow-up with Dr. Small, which should be quick — I’m honestly not sure what exactly radiology would expect to see / catch at this late date, but the oncologists tell me what to do and I obey. They cured my breast cancer, and I am ridiculously grateful. And obedient.
I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this afternoon. I want to work on the novel — plotted out several new scenes yesterday — but I’m also tired, and may take the time to just read instead. Reading for a few hours sounds so luxurious (!), and I want to finish How to Win a Local Election and start Every Day is Election Day. At 3:30-ish, I’m planning to take the kids and swing by Pem‘s — she’s hosting a kid-friendly postcard-making event to send messages to our elected representatives. Suggestions for who / what I should send right now would be welcome — it always helps knowing where best to target such efforts.
Then home to make dinner. I have plans for a chicken curry with chicken liver added, which I don’t think is a traditional recipe, but which I find delectable, and always fortifies me when I’m a bit tired. If I have energy, I’ll make kale salad too, and maybe some Indian-style roasted beets. Tonight, I go to the monthly library board meeting, just as a citizen attendee, where I will find out exactly what I’m hopefully letting myself in for on this campaign. Lots of somewhat dull meetings, I would expect? Although maybe the library board is more contentious than it sounds. 🙂
Obliglink to campaign — I’m afraid you’ll be seeing this a lot for the next month!

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