Button button

Yesterday, Kavi asked if she could take some of the buttons she designed to class for her four best friends and her teacher. I said sure, but her teacher might not want to wear one. But she could offer it. As it turned out, her friends were thrilled, her teacher immediately put it on, and later in the day, when a student asked the teacher what the button was far, she talked to the whole class about how Kavya’s mommy was running for office. Kavi’s taking in more buttons today for all the other kids who asked for them.

So far, she’s brought back one request as well — her classmate C, whose ‘second home is the library,’ would like the library to celebrate more fictional characters’ birthdays, like Harry Potter. Apparently, they did that once and it made a big impact.

I am delighted to listen to the ideas of my potential future constituents.

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