Jaggery 9

Jaggery is delighted to announce its ninth issue, Winter 2017!

“… my starvation physique is a strangely beautiful

foreign tongue, a body built through centuries
of hard wandering, a tradition I can’t help
but continue. The chasm between us

is a metaphor of distance I don’t know
how to live every day. Somewhere in your body lies
an inexhaustible void filling me in…”

– from “Belonging,” by Shankar Narayan



– fiction by Abhinav Kumar, Sohrab Homi Fracis, Bedartha, and Prashila Naik
– poetry by Shankar Narayan, Shruti Rao, Sneha Sundaram, and Urvashi Bahuguna
– essays by Shruti Rao and Dheeraj Waran
–  reviews by Rebecca Cave (Shani Mootoo’s _Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab_), Neelima Vinod (Ali Eteraz’s _Native Believer_), Sudha Balagopal (Hirsh Sawhney’s _South Haven_), and Bakul Banerjee (Soraya Peerbaye’s _Tell:  Poems for a Girlhood_)
– art by Beena Azeem and Pallavi Singh


“You are the distant object of oppression,

the native informant and the foreclosed.
You are the rohe Mensch of Kant,
and the subreption of the Sublime.
You are the Krishna riding the chariot,
consuming all of Time and Space.

However, you are not the English professor
in Delhi University,
or in Jawaharlal Nehru.
And you are certainly not the international grad student.
There is just no way that you are the international grad student…”

 – from “A Litany (for the native informant)”, by Shruti Rao


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