Notes to Self

To hopefully do Sunday:
– cook stringhoppers and last few recipes for cookbook
– revise dates on syllabi and print
– revise “Perennial” and send to layout
– review copyedits on Survivor and hopefully send to Lethe
– figure out where I’m ordering buttons / magnets / stickers / bookmarks from and let designer know specs
– revise “Monsters” and submit
To do this week:
– stamp, address, and mail out invitations
– talk to caterers
– finalize recipes to be included in cookbook
– revise campaign website and FB page
– finish setting up Kickstarter for summer diversity workshop (finalize dates with Kate)
– revise “Paper Star” and “Safe” and submit
– make 2016 family album & Disney album
– publicize the new issue of Jaggery and send out call for subs
– see Hidden Figures (probably Thursday)
To do this month:
– finish design of safety pin garden flag
– edit and proof cookbook and send to Lethe
– plot out book one of series
– write 1-3 chapters of book one

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