Winter garden

I spent an hour clearing up the garden! I am grateful for the mild weather today (around 40F) which made it pleasant to bundle up and then go putter. Nice to be doing stuff in the fresh air.
Mostly tasks I should’ve done in the fall and didn’t get to, like cutting down the blackened peony and dahlia stems, pruning down the rose canes to knee height (in part so they stop obstructing the view of the house decorated for the holidays, otherwise I’d have probably left them somewhat higher). But also some picking up of light trash that had blown into the yard, finding an extension cord that didn’t get put away after Halloween, removing some stakes that were no longer needed, etc. There’s still more that could be done, but I was getting cold, so oh well.
Tomorrow’s supposed to be similar, so hopefully I can do another hour or two of clean-up before Wednesday, when it drops down to 20 and stays there for a while. Now I’m going to go pot up the last of my paperwhites, enjoy my potted hellebore and amaryllis, and figure out if now is the right time to take the bulbs I was trying to force (for the first time) out of the basement fridge. I think so?

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