I have a HOST of things to do and absolutely no motivation to do any of them.

Okay, to-do list to the rescue. Maybe this will help.

– scan Kavi’s button and order campaign buttons
– revise “Monsters” and submit to Clarkesworld
– revise “Paper Star” and submit to Women Up to No Good
– write another scene in novel
– brief contemplate revising memoir (which I must do periodically, before throwing up my hands in despair)
– organize tool rack
– buy candelabra base light bulbs
– organize study
– stop by Community Bank and formally open campaign account, now that they have the paperwork they need
– get anniversary dress hemmed, and a few other pieces tailored
– make another batch of milk toffee
– drop off sweets to friend
– mail cookies to relatives
 – pick up meds
 – return shirts to Gap
– get quotes from caterers
– make annual family album on Snapfish
– make Disney album for grandparents
– address and mail holiday cards
– get trash out of basement
– do two loads of laundry
– keep reading Lost at School
– keep reading How to Win An Election

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