One thing I’ll be doing this week is setting up a separate bank account for campaign finances, because even though this is a small local race, and I may even be running unopposed, I’ve been advised that I do still need to do some work to convince voters to vote for me, which means at the very least, paying some volunteers in pizza.
To that end, any advice on the bank account portion would be welcome. Is it just a regular checking account? The book I was reading said that the candidate shouldn’t be the one writing the checks — does that mean I’m not supposed to have access to the account? Which I assume means Kevin’s not supposed to be the one writing the checks either? So I’d need to find a volunteer campaign manager and/or treasurer?
Other things I did this morning: sent a note to the library director, asking if he has time to meet with me and discuss what he’d find helpful from a trustee, any concerns he has, etc. Put the January library board meeting in my calendar, so I remember to attend.  Added the June American Library Association conference to my calendar, since it’s in Chicago this year; if I’m a trustee, seems worth possibly attending.

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